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Wireless Printers – What is the difference?

Posted on 20 January 2011 by admin


There are two main types of printers available to you, inkjet and laser.
Although all printers will fall into these two categories, there are many variations of each when it comes properties and their capabilities.

Laser Printers

There are several different styles of printers. A laser printer works by using a laser beam to produce an image of what you print on a drum. The drum is then through a toner reservoir that will be taken on the loaded image on the drum, then transferred to paper using pressure and heat. You will often see the heat warning labels and a fan inside the laser printer may become hot during use. Laser printers can be divided into two subgroups, black and white and color. Monochrome lasers are becoming more common, and two, because it was only in the past year, or when color laser printers have really started to shine.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are often more common in both groups because of their ability to print color images of high quality, and often less expensive initial investment. Also, why not use color cartridge and drum, ink-jet printers to become some of the surprisingly small size as well.

While it is used to find both options in black and color inkjet printers, color has become more common in those days. Since inkjet printers use nozzles and print-heads to print their images, are much slower than brothers laser printing times.

The printer inkjet media varies between 6 and 20 ppm in color. This rate can vary because you can choose from several different quality levels in most colour printers. Instead of a toner unit, the number of toner cartridges, ink jet printer can vary. Some models used only two cartridges, black and color, which is divided, sometimes tri-color cartridge.

As mentioned above, the initial investment of inkjet printers are much lower than that of a laser, and prices start from just £20, and that includes the first batch of ink! When it comes to printers at this price, most people can say that will be cheaper to replace the entire printer when the ink runs out rather than buy replacement ink cartridges more expensive.

Extra Printer Features

Besides the basic functionality we have discussed here in the two most common printers, there are many other features available in printers that will appeal to some people. Network printers are printers that are not directly connected to a computer, but rather to connect to your router. This gives each computer on your network to install and access the printer without using a central computer to be turned on when you need to print. Category of network printers can then be reduced further to the wired network, wireless network or one that has two interfaces. Wireless printers give you the freedom to place the printer where you want, and should not be tied up, close to your router or network switch. Dual interface designs often allow you to connect the printer to two networks, one with and one wireless. Although not as useful at home is a great feature for businesses.


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